Every participant has to affix a transponder to his or her bike on the spot indicated by the KNMV. The transponders will be coupled to a particular start number and class in advance, If you do not possess a transponder, you can hire one from the KNMV.

Start numbers on all three number plates is obligatory. Every participant has to be in possession of a license issued by the KNMV or other federation affiliated to the FIM or UEM.

International participants who are not KNMV license holders have to present a start permission from their federation. Entries will close when all classes are full of when the closing date has been reached, whichever comes first.

Stichting Motorsport Noord-Nederland reserves the right to accept or reject any entry. The paddock is at the back of the Euro Hall. Please follow the instructions of the parking officials.

Each competitor will receive two arm bands for entry. You will receive these upon registration.

Registration will be open on all race days. If you participate on more than day, you will have to register for each separately, to ensure that you receive the correct arm bands for each race day.

Entry fees are €45 for Friday, and €60 each for Saturday and Sunday. Once paid, you are deemed to have entered. Once entries are full, no further entries will be accepted. You may only withdraw your entry upon submission of a valid medical certificate. The competition on Friday is for the regional riders. Other competitors may also enter, but will not be eligible for prizes.
On Saturday and Sunday the national – and international license holders will participate.

The parc-ferme is next to the Euro Hall, and provides access to the track. Riders have to present themselves here in time before their races.

No one may sell products of any kind without permission of the organizers. All enquiries or complaints in this regard can be lodged at the secretariat. The organizers will endeavour to deal with all enquiries promptly.

Every competitor must have a fire extinguisher with him/her, also in the paddock.

A new ruling this year is that there is now regrettably a fee for overnight stays sue to rising costs.

Camping prices for Dutch Supercross

Camper B driver license / Tent / Caravan Camper C / Truck
Tuesday to Sunday € 40,= € 60,=
Wednesday to Sunday € 35,= € 55,=
Thursday to Sunday
Friday to Sunday € 25,= € 45,=
Saturday to Sunday € 20,= € 40,=

A camping pass gives access to the camping terrain only and not to the Eurohal as well. Upon departure you will receive a €5 refund for return if the campi g pass at the information centre.

Photos and video recordings may be made during the event. By entering the premises, visitors give implied consent to these recordings being made, duplicated, broadcast and being used for promotional purposes.

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