To ensure optimal safety and enjoyment of the event by everyone during the KNMV International Dutch Supercross, each visitor should keep to the following rules. The organizers reserve the right to refuse entry to – or remove visitors that do not keep to the rules. By  entering into the premises, you are deemed to have agreed to the rules.

Entry of the premises and security searches:

  • It is obligatory to carry ID with you in all of the Netherlands, and therefore also at the Int. Dutch Supercross. Please ensure that you have your ID with you at all times, as the event staff can ask for it at any time, Without ID, we reserve the right to refuse entry to the Euro Hall and the Kolibria Hall. Only passports, ID documents and drivers licences will be accepted.
  • Entry to the premises will not be granted to people under the influence of alcohol or other stimulant that may cause a nuisance to other visitors. We reserve the right to refuse entry to people who are in our sole discretion under the influence of alcohol or other stimulants.
  • We may refuse to sell alcohol to any visitor due to misbehaviour or drunkenness.  It is forbidden for any visitor to sell alcohol, drugs or other stimulants, or to deal in stolen goods. Aggressive behaviour and violence will be dealt with promptly.
  • Visitors may be searched and have to comply with the directions of security staff. Refusal to do so will mean expulsion from the venue.
  • Event staff may at any time ask visitors to show their ticket or wristband. If a fraudulent entry is discovered, that person will be ejected form the premises and a charge will be laid with the police.

We request visitors to remain calm should any emergency occur. Listen to the instructions of the announcer and event staff.


Prohibited actions:

  • It is prohibited to take photos or make video recordings with professional equipment for commercial purposes without the express consent of the organizers. Recordings with small cameras and smartphones is allowed.
  • It is prohibited to bring alcoholic drinks, crockery, cutlery, drugs, fireworks, weapons or other dangerous items onto the terrain. Visitors not keeping to these rules will be reported ot the police.
  • Due to safety reasons, it is not permitted to bring folding chairs, stools, umbrellas and such onto the terrain. You risk those being confiscated.
  • It is not permitted to distribute flyers or hang posters on or near the terrain without the consent of the organizers.
  • It is not permitted to ride on bicycles, pitbikes, scooters  or such on the terrain.
  • it is not permitted to bring dogs or any other pets onto the terrain.
  • Smoking is prohibited in both halls.
  • The use of laser pointers  or any other apparatus that  may blind is prohibited. Those found in possession of such items risk having them confiscated.
  • Open fires, such as fire pits, camp fires and the like are prohibited on the terrain. Visitors may use barbecues in a responsible manner.


  • Please take all found items to the info desk.
  • In situations where the house rules are not adequate, the organizers will in their sole discretion decide the course of action.
  • The program is subject to change. If any event does not proceed, visitors are not entitled to return their tickets for a refund.
  • The organizers reserve the right to change the date and venue of the event, whether or not this is caused by external forces or moral impossibility, as described in article 6.75 of the Citizens lawbook. In such case, no competitor, visitor or any other person is entitled to claim a refund or damaged.

Own Risk

Visitors enter the premises at their own risk. If you have any questions or queries, you may direct these to  Stichting Motorsport Nederland will in no way be liable for any damage, injury or death to visitors or their possessions.

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